Angela M. 2/16/2016

I recently contacted Eston's Bakery by phone (I live in Florida) to have a birthday cake delivered to my son who is attending college in Sylvania.  The customer service was everything that I could have hoped for.  They were very friendly and helpful.  I described what I was looking for and they had multiple suggestions for me.  They delivered as promised, and my son said the cake was fresh, and VERY good.  Thank you Eston's for helping me make my sons birthday more complete.

Jeanne F.  11/22/2015

We recently purchased the wedding cake for my son's wedding at Eston's. The bride met with Tony, the owner, and was able to sample all of their amazing flavors before her big day. The cake was delicious! We received so many compliments. I loved the idea of the "kitchen" cakes. It was great way to ensure enough cake for all your guests without blowing the budget.

Brian K. 6/18/2015

Love the cupcakes! We use them all the time for special events at work and they do a great job.

John R. 2/28/2015

My wife first heard of Eston's from a friend. She bought some of their sample cakes to try and we both fell in love. We have tried the Chocolate Supreme, Strawberry Supreme, Tiramisu, and Zebra cakes...all very delicious. The frosting is just right (not too sweet, not too heavy or rich) and the cake is very moist. We have enjoyed their cakes so much, I ordered one for her birthday, and my wife ordered two large cakes for her cousin's birthday. After reading others' reviews and about their negative experiences, neither my wife nor I have had any trouble with Eston's...ordering, paying and picking up the cakes were very simple and painless. When I picked up the two large cakes, one of the associates even helped with carrying one of the cakes to my car. We have been singing their praises since we discovered Eston's and will continue to do so.


My mom looked all over for a Tiramisu cake for my 35th birthday and stumbled upon Eston's. This cake is what I imagine heaven tastes like. So delicious. I think we should start getting all cakes ever from Eston's and we like cake! Delicious! 

Beth & Mike 

To all the staff at Eston's -- Thank you for making us the most delicious and beautiful cake for our wedding! We also appreciate everyone's help & professionalism. So many people were raving about our cake! Thanks for making a very perfect part of our very perfect day! 


These are the best cakes Hands Down in the area... I LOVE the fact that I can stop by the retail store and pick up just a small cake if I need! Key Lime is favorite!!!! 


The cakes were a big huge hit! some friends and family said all they wanted for their next birthday and/or Christmas was an estons cake instead of presents! glad I bought another cake when I picked up the others, running out of your cake at the party would have been catastrophic! thanks again for the best cakes in town! 


They did an amazing job on my wedding cake. I wish I was able to post the picture to their page it was absolutely stunning. The top of the cake was held up with glasses. And it tasted even better then it looked. Highly recommend!!!! 


They did my wedding cake and I have referred them to every single bride I know! Their cakes are delicious!!! 


It was great seeing you at the bridal show, as usual your cakes were fabulous!!! 

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